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There are seven core areas which will help to plan children’s activities and learning. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) specialists who teach and support children will ensure all activities are structured and tailored to a child’s specific needs. EYFS is designed to be adaptable so that qualified staff may follow your child’s specific needs and interests. Children learn through the EYFS by playing and exploring, being active, and thinking creatively, developing mind and body.

Prime Areas

Communication and Language

Allowing young children to express themselves, speak and listen in a variety of contexts, encouraging them to develop language and communication abilities.

Physical Development

We all know that young children like being active, but they must also understand why regular physical activity and healthy dietary choices are crucial.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

This section aids in the development of children’s social abilities as well as the respect and understanding of their various emotions.

Specific Areas


It is critical for youngsters to develop phonemic awareness, which is the capacity to hear and distinguish different words and sounds, as well as to begin reading and writing.


Children must be assisted in acquiring numeric and calculating skills, as well as the ability to define shapes, spaces, and measurements.

Understanding the World

This entails children making sense of their surroundings by observing and examining everything from where they spend their time to the technology and other items they utilize.

Expressive Arts & Design

Activities such as sketching, painting, playing instruments, and using technology allow children to express themselves while also learning new things.

At Erudio ECC we use this structure to plan activities depending on the child’s interests and developmental level. Our educators plan relevant themed activities based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which describes how and what the child will learn to support their healthy development. Children will be learning skills, gaining new knowledge, and exhibiting their understanding in the above seven areas of learning and development.






Our STEM approach works in line with the EYFS framework through understanding what is important to a child, what they are interested in, observing how they are learning, and being clear about what can be achieved through setting provision to support them to flourish and for optimum learning to take place.

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Key STEM attributes emerge through the gradual development of core skills such as:

  • The ability to ask probing questions
  • The ability to work collaboratively together with peers and adults
  • The ability to think creatively
  • The ability to solve problems
  • The ability to explore and take calculated risks
  • The ability to test solutions to problems
  • The ability to discover new, or alternative, ways of doing things


A STEM approach supports development from an early age through engagement within a learning environment that fosters curiosity and questioning skills through play experiences. Playful activities support young children’s learning and development through doing and talking.