Our bespoke, innovative and research-led Curriculum ‘CURIOUS MINDS’ is designed by our Early Years specialists and based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with an integrated STEM approach. It combines a wide range of activities to nurture and develop the skills your child needs to flourish and reach their full potential. This holistic yet personal approach supports each child’s development and supports their development for their future.

Erudio ECC is Dubai’s first early years STEM Early Childhood Center. STEM in the early years is an approach to children’s learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, whilst at the same time fulfilling the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

In a world where automation is only a click away, we at Erudio ECC aim to integrate the STEM approach in our children’s development and learning, in order for them to build a strong foundation through the Four C skills- Collaboration, Critical thinking, Communication and Creativity. We believe that engaging children at an early age with scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical inquiry sparks their curiosity and potential for creativity, ignited by a natural desire to learn about, experience and engage with both the immediate and wider world around them.

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Children are born curious; from the day they are born they are deeply interested in the environment around them and the people they find themselves involved with. They soon find ways to explore and use their five senses (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste). For example: they first begin with their immediate surroundings, they come to know that if they push a certain button on an activity toy with their foot whilst lying on their back that music will start to play,

Our philosophy recognises that the kinds of experiences or activities that young children are exposed to during their early years are extremely important in promoting positive and lifelong skills and dispositions because a STEM approach supports children from birth to develop important skills for their future lives and work.


Your child will develop a life-long love of learning with our bespoke ‘Curious Minds’ curriculum. Our early years experts work with your child through fun and play to discover their individual interests and passions, helping them to prepare for the future, right from the very start.
Your little ones will be encouraged by our specialist early years educators to build on their individual strengths and passions, through a variety of fun learning experiences. We promise to support their wellbeing, and fill each day full of the joys of childhood.

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