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At Erudio ECC we hope to transform the lives of the children and families we work with, through creating an environment which feels like home with an extended and supportive family environment.
At Erudio ECC our mission is to:

  • Work together as a passionate team to provide children with the best possible care and to provide children with ample opportunities to learn, develop and to build their self confidence in an environment where they feel safe, happy and cared for.
  • Work together with parents as partners and support parents by providing them with opportunities to actively be part of their child’s early years journey.
  • Operating the best and successful nursery
  • Be a respected provider of early education


We at Erudio ECC believe Positive, caring relationships based on trust and respect, are of paramount importance to all stakeholders. We believe that every day is a learning day and that learning is all around us. As well as being a place of learning, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all children are coming in to a loving, caring environment where they are valued and listened to. We also involve children and parents in trying to continually improve.
At Erudio ECC our vision is:

  • To create a welcoming, safe, happy and nurturing environment where everyone is known and valued
  • To acknowledge and make sure that the needs of every individual child is accepted and met in an inclusive environment
  • To provide children with stimulating and challenging opportunities to promote their self-confidence and positive attitudes
  • To deliver an enjoyable and enriching curriculum that allows learners to achieve and become lifelong learners
  • Valuing parents, carers and the wider community as partners in learning
  • Celebrating success and effort in all that we do
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